Common Problems that Require Heating Repair in Fort Collins

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Air Conditioning and Heating

During the cooler winter months, you rely on your furnace and heating system to keep you and your family comfortable and out of the cold. So what happens when you turn on your heater and nothing happens? This is when you end up needing a quality company to come to your home and complete heating repair in Fort Collins. Knowing the common problems they often see will help you decide if you need to hire them to help you.

Your Thermostat

Most people know to check the thermostat before calling for repairs because a minor adjustment to your settings may be all you need. However, if you do check the thermostat and it is set properly, it could still be the cause of your heating problems. Thermostats don’t last forever and can encounter problems that cause your entire heating system to run poorly or not at all. This problem can also be difficult to diagnose, requiring a professional to inspect it.

Air Flow Problems

Another common problem with your heating unit can be related to the air flow. If you haven’t replaced the air filter, the air may not be able to flow freely, blocking up the entire system. There can be blockages in other areas of the system as well. When the air doesn’t seem to be flowing through your heating system properly, contact a heating company that can provide an inspection and any heating repair in Fort Collins. Sometimes a thorough cleaning is all you need.

Lack of Maintenance

In addition to having to change the air filter regularly, there are other maintenance tasks that can cause problems with your heater if you fail to complete them. Some people prefer to purchase a maintenance plan to allow a qualified professional to complete any tasks necessary on a yearly basis. However, you can often do many of the tasks yourself as long as you ask what needs to be done when your system is installed.

Your heating system won’t always work perfectly as it should, especially if you have neglected some of the necessary maintenance. When you need heating repair in Fort Collins, it is important to contact a professional who will be thorough in their examination of the system. This is because some of the most common problems are fairly minor, including issues with your thermostat, an air flow blockage and a general lack of regular maintenance.

To learn more about some of the common problems that may require heating repair.

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