Common Cat And Dog Pet Surgeries In Richmond TX

Animal owners often become anxious when a veterinarian recommends a surgical procedure for their pets. When you take your pet to an animal hospital that specializes in Pet Surgeries Richmond TX veterinarians will treat your pet with the utmost care. Read the information below to learn about some of the most common types of surgical procedures performed on cats and dogs.

Hip Surgery

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition that occurs in dogs when the hip socket doesn’t form correctly. This condition causes dogs to have hip pain and they often become lame. To control the symptoms, pet owners often try to manage the condition by controlling their dog’s weight and through supervised exercise. Medication may also be administered to help control the pain associated with hip dysplasia. If necessary, a veterinarian may recommend hip surgery for young dogs to stabilize the joints and older dogs may require a total hip replacement.

Tumor Removal

Many veterinarians perform surgeries on dogs and cats to remove various types of tumors. Although some tumors are benign, others may be cancerous, so it’s important to have a veterinarian remove any type of tumor that’s found on an animal. Common types of tumors found in dogs and cats include skin tumors, mammary tumors and mast cell tumors. While the pet is at the animal hospital that provides Pet Surgeries Richmond TX veterinarians will take a biopsy of the tumor and send it to a laboratory for testing. Click here for more details.

Dental Procedures

To make sure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums, veterinarians recommend that cats and dogs have regular teeth cleanings. This is treated as a surgical procedure because the pets are given anesthesia before having their teeth cleaned. Dogs or cats often need to have a tooth extracted due to trauma or an abscess. Before extracting a tooth, the dentist will carefully examine the tooth and take x-rays to make sure that pulling the tooth is the best treatment option.

If you need to schedule a surgery for your pet, contact Greatwood Veterinary Hospital so your pet can get the best treatment and care before, during and after the procedure. This clinic also specializes in various other veterinary services including vaccinations, spaying, neutering and permanent identification.

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