Choosing Truck Driving Jobs in Missouri – Factors to Consider

When you begin researching truck driving jobs in Missouri, what are your top priorities when trying to decide which transportation company will fit your goals and needs? Investigate these things to find a company that is going to provide you with a stable and fulfilling career instead of just a job.

How Much Do They Pay
Truck driving jobs in Missouri typically pay drivers per mile. Although there are companies that pay their drivers hourly, these positions will typically go to more experienced drivers. Researching a company’s pay scale should be one of your top priorities when you begin exploring your options. In addition to finding out what pay rate you would start with, also ask about scheduled pay increases, bonus pay, and accessorial pay.

Make Sure You Get Ample Time Home
Depending on your situation, you may want to make sure that the company you are looking at signing on with will be able to get you home as often as you need to be. Some companies may promise you the home time you need, but it’s important to do your research; talk to drivers, look at forums on the Internet, ask specific questions about their freight lanes.

How Safe is It
Most people outside of the trucking industry don’t understand the responsibilities associated with being a professional truck driver. A commercial truck and trailer is nearly 80,000 pounds of force going down the highway, and commercial drivers have to have the skills and awareness to keep themselves safe and the general motoring public safe. That’s why it’s crucial to find a company that understands the accountability on a driver’s shoulders and that makes safety a priority always.

How is the Company’s Reputation
Looking at how long a company has been in business will give you a pretty good idea of their reputation. Currently, there is a big need for trucking in the country, which means a lot of small transportation companies are popping up all over the place in order to take advantage of the market, but it’s good to do background checks on these companies.

Take Your Time
When you’re in truck driving school, there will be a lot of recruiters working hard to convince you to sign on with their company, but don’t sign on with the first company that will take you. Keep the above-mentioned criteria in mind when making your choice.

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