Cesspool Maintenance Information for New Home Owners

Rural homeowners in Suffolk County who are not connected to a public sewer system use a different type of system for handling the sewage and waste water which is produced by the home. First time home owners may not fully understand how the system works unless they have had previous experience with this type of set up. The homeowner is fully responsible for maintaining the septic system to ensure all sources of water flow and drainage are kept in the best working order. Accessing cesspool pumping solutions in Suffolk County is typically how residents successfully manage their septic systems.

How the Septic System Works

All of the water sources in the house such as the washing machine, kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, showers and toilets, all have a drainage system which is plumbed into pipes that deliver excess water and waste into the septic tank. The tank, or tanks as some households have two, is connected to drainage pipes which carry waste water into a drain field several yards away, underground. This allows for the extra water to be filtered over rocks or other drainage materials and sink into the earth below. The drain field helps to prevent the need for constant pumping of the septic tanks/cesspools.

How often do cesspools need to be pumped?

On average, septic tanks or cesspools should be pumped every 3-5 years depending upon how many occupants are in the home and the frequency of water and other waste being sent into the tanks. These are averages and each household is different, as your situation may require less or more frequent cesspool pumping.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

Pooling water in the lawn or the area of the drain field may indicate the tank is full or nearly full. This may or may not be accompanied by the smell of sewage around the areas of pooled water. The drains in the household may become slow or there may even be a backup of sewage seen in the toilet, sinks or bathtub/shower areas. The color is usually black, has a foul odor and may look like particles are in the water. Another indication of a full septic tank is a patch of grass which appears to be healthier, lusher and greener than the rest of the grass growing in other areas. This can be an indication of excessive liquid from the septic system and it usually occurs on or around the drain field location.

The best way to avoid running into the smelly, inconvenient and embarrassing problem of a full septic tank is to have it serviced regularly by a professional cesspool pumping company. For more information about a reputable cesspool pumping service in Suffolk County, look no further than the experts found at Full Cesspool Plumbing Service.

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