Benefits Of Non-Surgical Fat Removal In Naperville

Many women and men exercise and diet without seeing success with their plan. If you still have a stomach pooch or don’t have a contoured waist line, you may worry that you’ve got no options. However, non-surgical fat removal in Naperville can give you that hourglass shape and help remove some of the fatty deposits without the risks involved with surgery.

More About Treatment

With liposuction and other surgical procedures, you have a lot of downtime, can’t do regular activities, and the process itself can take forever. Non-surgical fat removal in Naperville can take as little as an hour, depending on the area of the body you hope to sculpt. Likewise, you may be allowed to return to work afterward or carry on with daily activities. It doesn’t involve scarring, needles, or knives, making it the perfect solution for many.

How It Works

While there are many procedures claiming to be non-invasive, those that do not require surgery work a little differently. It eliminates these fatty cells by freezing them. You sit in a chair comfortably while the doctor or technician applies the device to the area you wish to target. You can relax and unwind, read a book, or even use electronics while these fatty cells are wiped out. The freezing technique only targets the fatty cells and not healthy cells.


Most people are happy with their bodies after one treatment, though you may require more than one procedure for large body areas. As long as you focus on living a healthy lifestyle with exercise and proper nutrition, you can see long-term results for years.

The non-surgical fat removal process in Naperville means no more scars, injections, and cutting tools. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery now for more information.

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