Are Quartz Countertops a Work of Art for Your Home?

White quartz countertops in St Michael can certainly be described as a work of art for your kitchen as part of your home. With so many choices of countertops, colors, patterns, textures and combinations, you might need to be an artist to suggest the type of finish you require. There are experts who fabricate and install natural stone and quartz countertops to provide your home with an exclusive finish.

How Are Quartz Countertops Made?

While granite is a natural stone, white quartz countertops in St Michael are engineered stone and man-made. The natural hard mineral quartz forms 90% of the countertop with the rest completed with resins that hold the countertop together, polymers and the pigments that provide the wide ranges of colors that are available, including white.

Choosing completely white quartz countertops in St Michael is a bold decision and will instantly brighten your kitchen, whatever size it occupies. It can be matched perfectly with an entirely white kitchen, including kitchen cabinets. Equally, the quartz can blend perfectly with dark wood kitchen cabinets or other dark tones throughout the room.

Is Quartz Popular?

Quartz and granite countertops are equally popular at the top end of the market. Being nonporous, unlike granite, white quartz countertops in St Michael do not need regularly sealing to prevent stains from working their way into the natural stone.

Some individuals will mix granite countertops with other surfaces either a completely different stone, wood or stainless steel. This provides a variation within the kitchen area, which is the hub of cooking and eating and often the busiest location when friends and visitors arrive.

The best way to decide which color quartz countertops are best for you is to visit the most professional of retail establishments that have a long experience in preparing, cutting and installing these countertops. They will be able to offer you expert advice and help you decide whether white is going to be your final choice or whether you may choose to go with white with a few pigments to offset the overall tone.

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