An Air Conditioning Contractor Keeps Systems Running Properly

Air conditioners are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Air conditioning involves reducing humidity and heat in a given area. A well-conditioned environment allows increased physical activity and improves overall output. There is reduced sweating when temperatures are low, which helps with prevent dehydration. A proper air conditioning system renews and improves the quality of air. It is, therefore, imperative that you get a quality system installed by a credible Air Conditioning Contractor.

There are times, however, when the air conditioner fails to operate properly. If the refrigerant was undercharged during installation or is leaking, it affects the performance of the air conditioner and poses risks to the environment. The amount of refrigerant charge should be in line with the specifications recommended by experts at Horizon Services Inc.

Poor maintenance of the coils and filters leads to the failure of fans and compressors. Failures in electric controls that are mostly caused by frequent turning on and off of the system, coupled with corrosion of wires, leads to malfunctioning of the conditioner. Tampering with the sensor will cause the system to make irregular cycles. Lastly, poor drainage might result in the clogging of the condensate, thereby impairing the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

You should, therefore, hire a qualified Air Conditioning Contractor to fix any issues. During the inspection he or she should:

  • Ensure that the thermostat is accurate
  • Ensure that the refrigerant is of the correct amount
  • Use a leak detector to test for any leakages.
  • Check if the motors and belts are tight or worn out.
  • Tighten all connections and ensure that electrical terminals are working properly.
  • Ensure that both the heating and cooling systems operate in unison.
  • Check the amount of air flowing through the coil.

While air conditioning is essential, some precautions should be taken. Remember to take enough fluids if you are operating in an air conditioned environment. Maintain the temperatures within the recommended range. Sudden temperature changes could be harmful to your health. Finally, remember that energy consumption is directly related to AC use, so use air conditioner only as needed. Click Here for more details.

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