Advantages of Custom Sheds Made of Wood

Custom Sheds are a quick way to create additional outside storage for your home. There are many types of materials that can be used for an attractive shed and it can be difficult to choose which is best for your situation. Traditionally, outdoor storage units were made of wood but the trends shifted to vinyl, metal, and resin. There are some good reasons that wooden storage units were popular so long. These may also be reasons why wood is the most beneficial for you.


When treated properly custom sheds made of out of wood can be durable and actually last much longer than metal and vinyl. A wooden shed can be constructed in any environment. Treated wood can withstand inclement weather conditions such as high winds and snow, conditions often seen in the Pittsburg, KS area. Other types of materials cannot be treated to make them last longer. Metal can bend and start to rust and vinyl will eventually chip and crack.


The most customizable of outdoor shed materials is wood. It can be cut to make a specific size and shape and formed to match exact needs. Sizes in other materials tend to be limited, but wood is typically available in larger sizes. Almost any kind of wood can be used to make custom sheds and they can be painted any color. This allows for the shed, home and any other out buildings to match. It can be customized inside as well. Inside can contain shelves, cabinets or other options which allow the space to be optimized. Inside the wood can be treated to protect from damage often caused by dirt, weather or other elements. Windows and doors can be placed to provide lighting where it is needed, or simply to make the shed more attractive.

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