Advantages of Bulk T Shirt Printing

Are you planning a fundraiser, looking for team shirts, or having giveaways for your latest marketing and advertising campaign? If so, it is always a good to have a lot of t-shirts on hand. Many people don’t stop and think about the advantages of bulk t shirt printing even for reasons like these, when it could be extremely convenient.

From a business perspective, it is actually very easy to understand why ordering in bulk (or in large volume) is going to benefit both the customer and the company. While ordering in large quantities may seem like you are spending a lot up front, you will actually be amazed at the savings that you find.

How Costs are Factored

Just for a minute, put yourself in the place of the t shirt printing company. If they have to set up a template, especially with screen printing, it makes sense that the first shirt or shirts that you print are going to be the most costly.

This is because the cost of the design and template is carried by those first few shirts through the system. The more shirts that you order, the less that this cost will factor in. This results in a much lower per unit cost, with a greater number of t-shirts through the run.

Bigger Volume

Tied in with the cost of the actual design or screen printing system is the fact that the t-shirts themselves are less costly when you buy in bulk or volume. This is no different than anything else that you purchase, where volume equals a discounted price.

Take the Benefits

One very simple way to get the most of your bulk t shirt printing is to simply choose a design that isn’t going to date the shirts. A company or team name, a logo, a message, or some great graphics are not going to go out of style or look dated.

If you have the chance to order in bulk over a minimal order, always choose the bulk order. This not only saves you money, but it ensures that you have the t shirts that you need on hand for giveaways, special events, or to sell without the need to wait for new orders to arrive.

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