Accordion Doors: Effectively Utilizing the Space in Your Home

While many of us would love to live in giant mansions, with each member of our family having three or more personal rooms, in reality this is not always possible. However, it is possible to utilize the space you have effectively with accordion style walls and doors, which can make your home feel a lot bigger, or turn a big space into two smaller spaces.

Separate Rooms or Divide Extra Space

Fold-out doors and walls are ideal if you have a family with children but don’t have enough space for each member to have their own private area. With folding dividers, you can turn one bedroom into two or more, or perhaps add a study onto unused extra lounge space. Additionally, these can be semi-permanent or temporary additions, and can allow you to utilize the space in whichever way you need to. As such, your lounge could become your office when closing the folding dividers, hiding the lounge suite and television and offering you clean, open space to work without distractions.

Create Multi-Functional Space

A recent report in Wall Street Journal showed how Annabelle Yu Long utilized accordion doors to turn her home into a transformable space, where bookcases, cupboards, and other features could either be displayed or hidden behind folding walls and doors. This has allowed her to choose between a sleek contemporary design, or change it within moments to a comfortable, homely dwelling with all of her belongings that would typically remove the contemporary appeal. Additionally, many of her rooms offer multi-functionality, and her lounge, for example, can easily become a display room for art by simply opening and closing various dividers.

Whether dividing a room or transforming it to create multi-functional space, accordion style dividers are not only effective, but also convenient and easy to pack away when not in use.

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