AC Company Old Saybrook CT: Identifying a Faulty AC

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

In some states, temperatures go beyond a hundred degrees during hot spells. You can imagine how uncomfortable these temperatures can get. At such times, it becomes vital for your AC to work a lot harder than usual to keep you warm. However, the air conditioner is likely to fail, as it is subjected to more work. AC Company Old Saybrook CT service helps you with an idea of some of the signs that may help you know that your system needs repair.

No cool blowing air

You may notice that even though your air conditioner is on, the temperatures are still very high and there is no cool air blowing in the house. It simply means that something is wrong and your AC is not working properly. Most likely, it could be because the compressor, which creates a cooling effect, has stopped working. It is normally located at the centre of the conditioner and technicians can easily identify this problem.

Leaking Condenser

If you realize that there is a pool of water surrounding the condenser, then you should know that the AC is very close to failing if it has not failed already. It could be because ice has collected around the AC and requires thawing. However, if the water persists even after thawing, it is recommended that you contact a specialist for inspection. They can without doubt, tell the root of the problem.

Noisy Unit

It is common for the air conditioner to make a little noise, but if it makes more noise than usual, then it means that there is a problem. Mainly, the compressor causes hot air blowing to the vent to cause the noise. At times, it is because a lot of dirt has collected at the compressor and needs to be cleaning. Homeowners must always remember that investing in original products means that you are less likely to experience problems.

It is easy for homeowners to damage an AC as they attempt to repair a problem or identify its cause. AC Company Old Saybrook CT technicians offer exceptional services on AC repair and maintenance. They also offer installation of air conditioners to both residential and commercial houses. If you are trying to beat the hot weather, they will make this quite easy for you.

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