A Helpful Guide to Roofing in Pekin IL

A home’s roof has to withstand nature’s elements — ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice. As with many parts of a home, the homeowner doesn’t tend to pay much attention to their home’s roof until one day they discover a leak. Often the homeowner has a difficult time determining if they need Roofing in Pekin IL. Fortunately, there are a few things the homeowner can look for to make the determination.

Water Spots -; an easy way to identify early warning signs of roof damage is the appearance of dark stains on the ceilings within the home. This type of leakage requires the expertise of a roofing professional to assess and repair the damaged area. Left unaddressed this type of damage tends to enlarge and cause further problems such as mold and mildew buildup to significant structural damage.

Shingle Damage -; Shingles belong on top of the home roof, not in on the ground, finding them there may be cause for concern. Shingles that curl or buckle are signs that the roof is not ventilated adequately or that the shingles were not installed properly. Shingles that are lifting or missing are indicators of possible roof damage, especially if spread across the entire roof.

Algae Growth -; Roofing of a home may exhibit staining for many reasons — rust, shingle imperfections, or chimney soot or moss. The problem will be more pronounced on north-facing roofs and those shaded by large trees. Excessive accumulation of moss is concerning as it will shorten the lifespan of asphalt roofing. Moss has a shallow root system that retains moisture keeping the roof damp for long periods of time promoting wood rot and erosion of asphalt shingles.

Storm Damage -; Severe storms that produced hail often result in significant Roofing damage requiring the roof to be replaced by roofing in the Pekin IL area Fortunately, homeowners insurance cover the cost of roof replacement as a result of hail damage. Storm damage from straight-line wind (thunderstorm wind not associated with rotation), results in significant damage with wind speeds over 50 miles per hour.

A professional roofing expert will be able to assess the damage and advise the best course of action. No matter what damage is found, the wise choice is to call a roofing expert for a consultation. Delaying of repairs or replacement only serves to exacerbate the problem.

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