A Guide to Car Key Replacement in San Antonio TX

Misplacing one’s car keys is a common occurrence, but occasionally, they are lost for good. Car Key Replacement in San Antonio TX can be expensive, especially for modern programmable keys. The days of an inexpensive and simple key replacement are past, and there’s a good reason: If keys are easy to copy, the car is easy to steal. Here, drivers can learn about the process and cost of key replacement.

Key Fobs

Most new cars come with a key fob transmitter that allows keyless entry, and the key fob’s replacement cost can vary widely depending on the make and model. While generic versions are available online for $20 or so, and dealerships have basic remotes for about $50, programming can still be costly. In some cases, a local locksmith can help a driver replace a lost key fob.

Fob and Key Combos Can Get Expensive

If a vehicle has a combination fob and key, or if it is keyless-;which means that the driver only needs to hold the fob to start or access the vehicle-;replacement can get expensive. Key/fob combos are usually available only from the car dealership, and they can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. In the most extreme cases, a dealer may have to replace multiple parts on the car to replace the key, which can increase the cost of the job.

Avoiding Costly Key Replacement Charges

Until there’s a high-tech key locating device, it will always be possible to lose one’s keys. Forming a routine and always leaving the keys in one place can help a driver avoid a costly loss, but there are other steps to take, such as:

* Not sharing the only set of keys to the vehicle

Programming replacement keys with the help of a Car Key Replacement in San Antonio TX. While there will still be a cost involved, it will be cheaper than going to the dealer.

Installing an aftermarket code pad that allows the driver to leave their keys in the car while retaining access

While the above tips are helpful, the best tip of all is to avoid losing the car keys. However, if it happens, drivers can Click Here to learn about car key replacement.

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