A Drunk Driving Attorney in Vermont Informs Clients about Aspects of Drunk Driving Laws

It is an unfortunate reality that many people get caught driving drunk. Drinking and driving is looked down upon as a serious offense and when the driver is stopped, he or she should expect the penalties to be severe. If the offense is not the first time, there will be clearly a harsher sentence. In Vermont, drunk driving is dealt with sternly. A first offense could easily end up with a suspension or revocation of the driver’s license. A drunk driving attorney in Vermont helps clients get the best possible outcome for their case. These are some things clients need to know about the drunk driving laws in Vermont.

If the driver has a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or higher, he or she will get charged with a DWI. If the driver is a commercial driver, the BAC level is reduced to .04 percent, and if the driver is a school bus driver, the level is .02 percent. If the driver refuses to submit to a chemical test, he or she will face administrative penalties, whether or not he or she was drunk. The driver’s license will be immediately suspended.

Penalties for drunk driving charges carry administrative penalties and criminal penalties. For the administrative penalties, the first offense ends up being 90 days suspension of the license, or 30 days if an ignition interlock device is placed. There are also fees of $32 for a written test fee, $82 for license reinstatement, $19 for a driving exam, and $200 for an alcohol assessment screening fee. The criminal penalties could be a fine of $750 and two years of imprisonment. As the offenses are repeated, the penalties increase.

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