A Custody Lawyer in Warrenton Fights for Your Parental Rights

Child custody is a complex matter, one that involves the sentiments of the courts, laws and parental rights. The children’s opinions don’t come into play unless they are of a certain age. Agreements on custody are also hammered out before going into court, and the judge can accept or reject if she feels it appropriate to do so. All of this means one thing, and one thing only: don’t try to do this without retaining a Custody Lawyer Warrenton . You’re going to need all of the legal help you can get to ensure that you are not run over roughshod during the proceedings.

The issue of custody can come up whether the two parties are married or not. The one test that has to be met is that the child is directly related to both individuals. One party can provide support or not, but if the DNA shows that the party is a contributor, then the custody laws can apply. A Custody Lawyer Warrenton can provide more information about how a child born out of wedlock can be subject to custody laws.

As previously mentioned, custody is a complex issue. Sometimes one parents wants to use the children as a weapon in a divorce, try to hang onto them for economic gain or deny that they are an unfit parent. It may so happen that the separation is amicable and mutual with the issue of who gets the children when settled easily. However, these situations tend to be rare and both parents need to be fully aware of their rights under the law. The matter may get very ugly before it gets better, although retaining a Custody Lawyer Warrenton can help alleviate some of the emotions. Ultimately, everything has to be done for the good of the child, although it may be difficult to prove that one parent is unfit.

Your Custody Lawyer Warrenton is there to advocate for both you and your children. To that end, you need to provide her with as much information as possible. Keep a log, have all agreements together and prepare yourself for a rough experience as you go forward into seeking a suitable child custody arrangement.

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