5 Ways to Give Your Reception Space a Makeover

It’s easy to personalize your reception space with wedding drapes. Need help? We have you covered with the following suggestions:

Get the green light

Before you start giving that space a complete makeover, get the green light from your planner or venue manager first. You wouldn’t want to spend money on drapes only to find out on D-Day that the draping is against the fire code, says The Knot. Once you’ve got that go-ahead, then you can proceed.

Focus on the details

Before you start hanging those drapes, make sure to assess the room’s architectural details. You might be able to emphasize those features for a much more dramatic effect with the right placement of your wedding drapes.

Install right

Properly installed, those drapes can transform your venue from a boring one into a beautiful reception space. That’s why getting the draping right will matter a great deal. If you aren’t an expert at this, though, be sure to hire the assistance you need. You wouldn’t want the drapes to go to waste simply because you don’t have the skill, training or artistic imagination to use it.

Go for bold shades

Want some blocks of colors that would pop up in your wedding photos instead? Choose bold hues and shades for your tablecloths and runners and even your table napkins. That’s one way to make for an eye-catching table display instead of going for standard white linens.

Look for your wedding colors

Shop for fabrics that match your wedding colors. That’s going to help create the ambiance and atmosphere you want for that space. Whether you’re looking for something romantic and fun or formal and dressy, drapes in the right hues and shades are an easy way to turn your event space from ho-hum and drab to something extraordinary and perfect on your wedding day.

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