4 Signs That a Car Needs Auto Brake Repairs in White Bear Lake MN

A car’s brakes are one of its most important safety features. They may not get much thought, but brakes should be kept in good working condition at all times. Below are several ways to find out if a car’s brakes may need auto brake repairs in White Bear Lake MN, and some signs of brake trouble.

Stop and Look

A driver can check brake wear by listening and looking. First, check for excessive wear by looking at the pads through the wheel spokes. The outside brake pad should be pressed against the rotor, and there should be at least one-quarter inch of pad. If there’s less, the brake pads should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

Diminished Responsiveness

If the brakes are not very responsive or if the brake pedal has a mushy feeling, there may be an air or fluid leak within the braking system. If the car leaves a small puddle when parked, a brake fluid leak may be to blame. Brake fluid looks like motor oil, but the texture is less slimy.


If the car pulls to the side as the brakes are applied, it may indicate uneven wear of brake linings, or that foreign material is in the fluid. Either way, the vehicle owner should contact American Imports for an adjustment or fluid replacement as soon as possible.

Growling or Grinding

A loud grinding or growling sound means that the pads are completely worn and beyond the need for replacement. Such noises occur when the caliper and the disc rub together, and if it is left untreated, the rotors can be scored. When the rotors are damaged, a brake repair technician must turn or replace them.


A pulsating or vibrating brake pedal often indicates warped rotors. The vibration may feel similar to that experienced during a sudden stop in an ABS-equipped vehicle. However, if the vibration occurs even when ABS is not engaged, warped rotors may be to blame. A warped rotor prevents the brake pads from grabbing the surface evenly, and it can cause overheating of the braking system. For most vehicle owners, maintaining the brakes is a commonly overlooked task. However, proper Auto Brake Repairs in White Bear Lake MN can prevent the need for future costly repairs, and it can help the driver avoid a dangerous collision.

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