3 Tips for Choosing the Right After School Programs in Fairfield, CT

After a long day of class, kids look forward to taking a break and enjoying something fun. While there are several after school programs in Fairfield CT for families to choose from, it is important to find one that will benefit children in a meaningful way. Here are three tips for choosing the right after school program.

Opportunities for Exercise and Activity

Classwork is an important part of education. But, after spending most of the day at a desk or chair reading and writing, when the bell rings, kids are ready to enjoy some activity and have fun. While after school programs that work on homework are great, they often prolong the amount of time a child is working on school work, causing boredom and, in some cases, behavior issues. Consider looking for a program that allows a child to take a break from school work and sitting still. Find a program that allows physical activities combined with fun to give a child a chance to get out some of that energy that has been stored up all day.

Increased Self-Worth and Self-Image

An after school program should benefit a child’s self-worth and image. The goal is to put him or her in a positive environment that allows exploration and experiencing success. As an example, Next Dimension Gymnastics allows a child to try new things, pairing it with encouragement and positive feedback. At the end of the day, a child walks away feeling successful, adding to his or her self-image. An after school program needs to have a positive influence on a child.

Improved Social Skills

Ideally, After School Programs in Fairfield CT should provide lots of opportunities to work on social skills. When working in a group, a child learns to take turns, share with others, and even encourage others as they work on skills or try new things. Environments like a gym provide kids with a place to play with others while being supervised. Friendships are made, and kids continually learn from the instructors as well as their peers.

When choosing and after school program, take the time to look at all the benefits for kids. Look for opportunities for exercise, a positive environment, and a place to improve social skills.

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