Maintenace Tips To Avoid Lift Station Service

There aren’t many things on the planet as universally disliked as lift stations. By their very nature, lift stations are gross, and it is a natural human tendency to avoid being around them at all costs. Unfortunately, this natural human tendency can also end up causing a significant amount of money spent if something goes wrong. Here are a few tips on how to avoid a complete replacement by a Lift Station Service with a bit of preventative maintenance.

Do A Daily Check-Up

Experts agree that it is a good idea to get in the habit of visiting the lift station on a daily basis. This allows the owner to get used to the sounds, sights, and yes, even smells, that accompany a lift station. It is much easier to spot trouble or something out of the ordinary if this is done. It only takes a handful of minutes and could be one of the best investments a lift station owner can make.

Track The Hours

When visiting the lift station, it will be necessary to begin to document the hour gauges on the control panel. To do this, the control panel will need to be open, but be careful not to touch any of the components inside. They will be live and at a high enough voltage to cause instant injury or even death. Write down what the hour meter reads every single day. This should be done at approximately the same time every day. Subtract the previous day’s number from the current day’s number. This will give the reading of long the lift & station pumps have been running. After about a week, the owner will have a sufficient baseline number to work with. Any variances from this baseline can then be monitored and checked into before serious problems occur and Lift Station Service is needed.

If there comes a time when work or repair is needed to be done on the lift station, make sure to call a reputable company such as to perform the repairs. They can diagnose the problem quickly and accurately and have the lift station back up and running in no time at all. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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