How Do I Know If I Need A Wheel Alignment?

There are so many variables in a car or light truck that can cause differences in the way the vehicle handles. While tire problems are often the first consideration for many drivers, a vehicle that needs a wheel alignment may exhibit many of the same signs and symptoms.

Vehicles typically should have their alignment checked as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. However, driving on rough roads, hitting curbs, exchanging tires can sometimes cause the suspension to come out of alignment. The sooner you can get your vehicle to an auto repair shop for a wheel alignment check, the less damage will be caused.

Pulling To One Side

While driving down a road that is flat and straight your vehicle should maintain a straight line without the need for corrective steering. If your vehicle requires a wheel alignment you will notice that the vehicle is veering to one side or the other.

When your steering wheel is no longer centered when you are driving this can be another sign your vehicle needs an alignment check. A vibrating steering wheel when driving can also indicate an alignment problem. But, this can also be a sign of a faulty tir. In any case getting your vehicle checked as soon as possible is prude.

Tire Wear Irregularities

If your vehicle suspension in good condition your tires will all wear uniformly. If you notice uneven wear, typically on the inside or outside of the tires of one side of the vehicle, the alignment is likely a problem. This wear will get worse over time so it important to take the vehicle in for a wheel alignment as soon as possible.

When visiting your ASE Certified Mechanic your wheel alignment will tested using sophisticated equipment that is highly accurate and effective.

Let us check to see if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, brake work or tire replacement. For more information visit Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto at

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